Step 1: To enroll, purchase course and textbook on our website NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS prior to the course date. 


We encourage students to purchase the necessary text from an online distributor. (Some textbooks may be ordered from AKSOM and will be charged a $10 shipping/handling fee to cover mailing expenses, e.g. postage, packing, materials, etc. AKSOM reserves the right to change all fees without notice.)

Note: First-time students must submit a New Student Application form and be accepted into the Alaska District School of Ministry (AKSOM) before enrolling in a course.

Step 2: Read the textbook as soon as you receive it. Complete the text overview which is found on Moodle. The overview must be submitted in Moodle by 11:59 p.m. the night before class. (The text overview counts toward 40% of the final grade for the course.) 

Note: Please choose only one course for your level of study.